The Warp of the Chimeras – Rising Phoenix
Miguel Soler-Roig
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THE WARP FO THE CHIMERASA chimera is a dream, an unattainable suggestion that comesfrom the imagination. Dreams sometimes do come true,however, which is why we never stop pursuing chimeras. Science, technology, and art are some of the most valuabletools we have to ease our way towards continuously chang-ing illusions: they warp with time and knowledge. MiguelSoler-Roig addresses the different meanings of the term,travelling from the global to the particular, through a key element imagination in which all perspectives converge.Imagination is the great weaver of myths, ancestral storiesbased on traditions and legends that explain the universe,the origin of the world, natural anomalies, and other phe-nomena. In a way, myths are an altered and pseudo-oneiricversion of reality. In dreams, everything is possible: peopleacquire superhuman powers, the natural becomes supernat-ural, the weak becomes powerful...The artist is interested in investigating the origin of myths:what really happened, how they are transformed, and theinformation that reaches us later. Classical authors couldhave transferred their dreams to the story or transfiguredthem under the effects of psychotropics, directly resulting ina mythification. To show the distortion experienced by mythical events and characters, Soler-Roig uses the technique ofphotographic solarization, offering us changing versions in negative and positive of empowered women linked tothe four elements. In this sense, he draws on the theory ofthe philosopher Gaston Bachelard, who established a law toclassify various material imaginations according to whetherthey are related to fire, air, water, or earth. These constitute‘the hormones of the imagination’ by acting directly on theartistic creation.The artist travelled to Crete and photographed there on lo-cation because of its Minoan culture, which contributed toancient Greek mythology, and the birthplace of Zeus, the di-vinity considered to be the father of all gods. The final resultis four one-minute videos, which change organically as thefour elements affect four women: different effects, undula-tions, and disappearances activate the atmospheres and theheroines themselves. The NFTs can be considered chimeras the pinnacle of imagination deployed in all its difficulty and the artist a sort of updated hero who surpasses Bellero-phon, allowing these feminine creatures not only to continueliving, but to transform, become empowered and distortedwith the changing rhythm of the four elements. To becomegoddesses, chimeras, and food for our imagination.

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