Eduardo Kac
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Eduardo Kac’s LAGOOGLEGLYPHS (2009-ONGOING) are works of space art that inscribe lagoglyphs (Kac’s trademark green rabbit glyphs) onto the environment and made visible to the world through the perspective of atellites. These artworks are created on a global scale and can be experienced in person at their respective venues, directly via satellites, or through Google’s geographic search engine. In the latter case, the viewer may choose to view the work using one of the following three options: 1) the familiar Google Maps (in satellite view); 2) Google Earth (which can be accessed by typing ‘Google Earth’ into a web browser); or 3) the free Google Earth Pro app (which has the additional feature of allowing the viewer to see a map over time by activating the ‘Historical Imagery’ slider). In addition to the distributed artworks (visible in person; online; in space), Kac has created a video for each Lagoogleglyph by using Google Earth Pro to capture the view from space all the way down to the eye of the rabbit glyph on Earth (and back again to outer space). Between 2009 and 2022, Kac created five Lagoogleglyphs (and their respective videos): 1) Rio de Janeiro; 2) Mallorca; 3) London; 4) Strasbourg; and 5) Geneva. The series is ongoing and is part of Kac’s larger Lagoglyph project, which includes prints, murals, sculptures, paintings, and an algorithmic animation.

Eduardo Kac