MH_Chair #5
Meng Huang
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In 2010, the Chinese writer Liu Xiaobo was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. At that time, he was imprisoned in China and was prohibited from travelling to Oslo to accept his award. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee placed one empty chair at the ceremony to express Liu Xiaobo’s absence. In January 2011, Meng Huang sent a chair to his friend Liu Xiaobo in prison, but did not receive any response. In 2012, the Chinese writer Mo Yan was honoured with the Nobel Prize for Literature. In an interview in China, Mo Yan expressed his sympathy about Liu Xiaobo. At the beginning of December, Meng Huang sent a chair from Berlin to the Swedish Academy in Stockholm, asking the Academy to forward it to Mo Yan and let him bring the chair to Liu Xiaobo. On 10 December Meng Huang arrived in Stockholm and realized that the Academy had refused to forward the chair to Mo Yan. He ran naked through Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held, in protest, to express his longing for freedom and his anger about power.

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