Lana Denina
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Lana Denina’s recent work touches on several subjects, yet all return to the same main topic of self-love. Using the female body to explore her own body and freedom, she adopts sexuality as a weapon against the objectification of women. The painting ‘YinYang’ is a great example of this statement of confidence. Inspired by American showgirls in the 1980s, the painting displays a naked woman as the sole subject of the canvas. The famous painting ‘Touch Me, Love Me’ represents this soft side of humankind, which we often take as a weakness. As Victor Hugo said, ‘La naïveté est le visage de la vérité,’ that is, ‘Naiveté is the face of truth.’ We say young children are naive; their openness to loving and being loved is the most beautiful thing to witness. The more we grow, however, the more we lose this innocent way of seeing life. The more you surround your child of love and safety, the more they will be able to maintain this naiveté and make it blossom into pureness. Spirituality is important for Denina. She finds healing through self-care and she uses self-care to mean anything that goes with beauty and health. The work She’s trying not to think about it illustrates her many attempts at meditation, which she still has not fully mastered.

Lana Denina