Transfiguration #01
Justine Gaga
Soon available for purchase
Justine Gaga also follows an artistic approach to the world of NFTs by capturing the historical moment of the installation at the Venice Biennale with a film depicting its slight movement and contextualizing it in the national pavilion. The result is a short film of a few seconds shot with a fixed camera, showing the installation in its apparent immobility until the symbolic robes of the ‘totems’ placed in the cloister are waved. The historical moment becomes a digital work because it is unique, an instant that does not belong to the physical work itself, but to its presence in that precise place, to the point that the transition has a meaning of its own. Those who prefer to own the special moment in which the work ‘lives’ can collect the digital version of the NFT, while
those who are traditionally attached to physical objects can choose the entire installation consisting of the group of sculptures.
Two alternatives to owning a work of art in today’s world, which sees the metaverse reach all facets of our complex society, with the features most suited to the environment
(physical or digital) in which one imagines it to be inserted, and perhaps with a budget in tune with one’s means. Today the choice exists.
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Justine Gaga