Obelisco en MI
Julio Le Parc
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OBELISCO EN MI (OBELISK IN E) Julio Le Parc arrived in Paris in 1958 and initiated a lengthy investigation about movement and light that led him to create his first luminous boxes. Since then, JLP has continued to create new luminous pieces of art, leading to the luminous piece ‘Lumière sur mât’ in 1990 which later helped to shape his first Obelisk project.
In 2014, the City of Paris offered JLP the opportunity to intervene on the emblematic obelisk of Paris, respecting and adapting the technique of his historic luminous pieces on a larger scale.
In 2019, Argentina paid national homage to JLP, an event artistically directed and produced by his son Yamil Le Parc. To finalize this homage visited by over 500.000 people, JLP was invited to intervene on the obelisk in the city of Buenos Aires. For the first time, he used the mapping technique which would spark numerous additional visual possibilities.
And so, at the age of 91, JLP has decided to work on this new Obelisk project, engaging personally with Le Parc Atelier and the UXART team to accomplish his first audiovisual mapping, including over 40 pieces of art that he has created throughout his career and with the attendance of 45,000 spectators.
In 2020, the city of Barcelona invited Julio Le Parc to reproduce this same mapping on one of the buildings in the cityand in 2021, the obelisk in the delta of Tigre, Argentina, was fully illuminated with a rojection.
Yamil Le Parc, Art Director. Buenos Aires, 2022
Julio Le Parc